The Erman petrol sweeper EMBC520-2 model is the latest model on the market, which is characterized by durability and ease of use. The most powerful of the available petrol sweepers is a professional device designed for sweeping and cleaning from dirt, sand, leaves or snow. The sweeper is intended for both amateur and professional use. Due to the low weight, working with the device is convenient and comfortable, even when working with the device for a long time. The sweeper drive is made of a steel rod ended with a multi-wedge, which is important when the load is higher. Most of this type of gear is driven by a cable, which in the case of prolonged use leads to damage (cable breakage).
The noise level is extremely low considering the high engine power (This is all due to the new engine technology).

Easy replacement of accessories.


  • engine power 3.8 kW – 5.2 HP
  • engine capacity 49 cm3
  • 2 stroke engine type
  • maximum speed 8000 rpm
  • air cooling
  • steel drive ended with a spline
  • chrome plunger
  • piston on a double ring
  • fuel tank capacity 1 liter
  • fuel type fuel-oil mixture (25: 1)
  • membrane carburetor
  • starting with a manual puller
  • aluminum guide bar
  • front guide handle (type “0”)
  • centrifugal clutch type
  • fuel consumption approx. 480 g / kWh


  • brush (16 pcs) with gear
  • service keys
  • front handle
  • carrying strap
  • mix tank
  • user manual
  • original manufacturer’s packaging