Erman table cutter model EM-TC101 is a compact, light and portable, solid machine for trouble-free and precise cutting of all types of TILES, terracotta and stoneware, and after using a suitable disc, it can also be used for cutting wood, floor and wall panels, parquet, all kinds of boards, chipboards etc. Equipped with a diamond disc in the size of 180 x 2.2 x 22.2mm. Thanks to the device, you can cut wood and tiles at an angle, flat and “diamond”
Equipped with a very comfortable and ergonomic table top with dimensions of 395 x 385 mm and a blade guard, it ensures high comfort and safety of work.” “In addition, the Erman cutter has a water-filled cuvette that prevents the diamond blade from heating up, maintaining optimal working parameters.
The cutter is ideal for all kinds of finishing works.
Its high power and high rotational speed make it possible to perform all kinds of cuts very precisely and quickly. On the countertop at the back and front of the device, there is a scale thanks to which you can quickly and conveniently set the desired size.
A scale on both sides of the table top

Easily adjustable guide
Diamond cutting attachment.
Table top adjustment range 0-45 °
Convenient switch
Wet and dry running system


  • Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
  • Power: 1100W
  • Rotation speed: 2800rpm
  • Induction motor
  • Dial diameter: 180 x 2.2 x 22.2 mm
  • Max. cutting at an angle of 90 ° – 34 mm
  • Max. cutting at an angle of 45 ° – 20 mm
  • Table inclination range – 0 – 45 °
  • Table dimensions: 395x385mm


  • Erman tile cutter model EM-TC101
  • Attachment for cutting at an angle “diamond”
  • A set of maintenance keys
  • Diamond disc: 180 x 2.2 x 22.2 mm
  • Shield guard
  • Water container
  • Guide
  • User manual
  • Original manufacturer’s packaging